Josaine Alexander - Talent Ambassador

What do you love most about working here?

First of all, I am able to interact with a global network of people, practitioners and experts in wide and varied spheres of Arts, Society and English and Exams distribution.  The cornucopia of cultures, practices and ideals is remarkable.   In my region – the Americas, the diversity of countries and the stories of persons working at the British Council is enriching.  Many times, I have to step back and think about the depth and beauty of my encounters and experiences with the people and partners that I work with and through.

More importantly, I am able to see in a tangible way how my work ‘changes lives and creates opportunities’ for people not only in my country, but in some instances, throughout the Caribbean, the Americas and globally.  The fact that through my work, I have enabled persons to achieve a UK qualification which allows them and their family and future generations to become more economically sustainable and informed, is satisfying for me.

Likewise, sometimes I cannot help but become emotional when I experience a breakthrough in an ‘at risk youth’ during a ‘street-theatre’ session or be fascinated by the artistic bond built between facilitator and participants in a workshop.

My work is multi-dimensional and multi-layered.

Why should candidates join this organization?

If you are yearning for a fascinating personal journey of self-fulfilment by striving to improve the lives of others through show-casing and sharing the best practises of the UK, then you should join the British Council.  

You will be challenged to be design innovative solutions to unique challenges as well as draw upon your skills in strategy formulation, finance, communications and HR to craft and implement strategies that changes lives and improve livelihoods.  

What was the number one reason you joined our organization?

I believe that we should all leave whatever space we enter, a better place whenever we exit that space.  

I had a successful career in the corporate banking world and desired to use my skills and experience to enrich the lives of the vulnerable and under-served. I was intrigued by the fact that the work and the values of the British Council closely aligned with my personal mantra and that the British Council would allow me to better the lives of others as well as utilize my UK education and training in a purposeful and focussed way.

What three words would you use to describe our BC culture?

Dynamic, passionate and global

What motivates you to go above and beyond at work?

The responses from persons that I have ‘created an opportunity for’ can be both humbling and inspiring.  When an exams candidate says ‘thank you’ because he / she has successfully completed a course or a participant in a programme expresses his / her gratitude and speaks about giving them an opportunity they never would have imagined, it is a power incentive to strive to impact more persons in a positive way.

I have had several experiences when you question if you are making a difference or if you are touching the lives of your target group; and then someone would come along and validate by a simple word of ‘thank you’ or ‘you made a difference’ that motivates me to strive to do even more.  

When I first started at the British Council two and a half years ago, I had to explain to people who we are… it is gratifying to hear people comment of a positive experience either they or a family / friend had when they recently sat an exam that was conducted by the British Council.  This signifies that we are doing a good job and must keep striving for excellence.