Boys in Education Week 2018
A student from Norman Manley High School giving feedback on the Speed Mentoring Day, last year.  ©

British Council 

Closing date: 31 July 2020 

The British Council and Grace & Staff Community Development Foundation invite boys in the Boys Can Mentoring Programme to enter our summer competition.

This is a time to express how you´re feeling and remember everything that inspires and encourages you to cope with change.  We feel that when we express ourselves and come together, it is easier to move forward. Challenges are best overcome when we all come together!

At the British Council we understand it that way, that's why we invite you to participate in our Boys Can Summer Competition: BE RESILIENT! 

It´s very simple: this is a creative competition to express yourself, to show us how you´re feeling in lockdown and what resilience means to you. Your competition entry can take any creative form you like (for example, a song, rap, short video, dub poem, story, picture, photos, animation).

Just choose one of the themes below for your competition entry:

  1. What does resilience look like, sound like, or feel like?


2. How are you coping in lockdown?

Prizes to be won!

Prizes include food baskets and book vouchers.

Your competition entries will also be shared on the British Council website and Facebook and/or YouTube page!

Important competition rules and information

  • Competition is open to: boys in the Boys Can programme only. 
  • Your entry can be in the creative form you choose 
  • Closing date to send your entry: 31 July 2020 
  • Send your competition entry to:  

If your competition entry is a heavy file (such as a video or audio file), please use WeTransfer ( or Google drive to send this to the email above.

What is resilience? 

Resilience means bouncing back from tough times and coping with difficult situations. When you´re resilient, you can face difficult situations, learn from them and move forward.

Resources for parents and mentors

We would also like to share a collection of resources for parents and mentors, to support boys with challenges they´re experiencing now.

UNICEF resources:

UNESCO Webinar:

Find here the videos and music used in our Boys Can! Resilience Session presentation

Please, see below the urls to the YouTube videos and music used in our Boys Can! Resilience Session presentation. Enjoy! 

  1. Slide 1: ´Winning right now´ by Agent Sasco  
  2. Slide 4: ´Inna Real Life´ by Vershon 
  3. Slide 14 & 15: ´I Can´ by Chronixx 
  4. Last slide: ´Inside´ by Ding Dong 

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