Damion Campbell, Jamaica - Talent Ambassador. Gerente del programa de emprendimiento social

What  do you love most about working here?

The British Council has helped me to realise my goal of working with an organization that invests in the development of its staff. This was not so much of a great emphasis from my previous work experiences. Training and development has increasingly become a key desire for me as I believe that as organizations place greater emphasis on enhancing the skills and capacity of its staff, the greater their ability to contribute to the organization’s global outcomes. Since working with the British Council I have been able to work with colleagues from various geographic and socio-cultural backgrounds. As a result I have been more humbled in terms of realizing individuals as the unique persons that they are and the fact that our differences makes our work and the support we deliver to people across the world, more unique and interesting. 

Why would you recommend other people to join this organisation?

If you are interested in unearthing greater potential and acquiring new skills to operate in a dynamic and changing work environment, then the British Council will be a good fit. I have been afforded the opportunity to acquire and share my knowledge with a diverse group of colleagues which enhances the quality of work I do. The British Council is particularly structured through its modern business processes which support staff in producing high quality work while increasing the confidence of partners and beneficiaries in the work we do. Joining the British Council will allow you to realise your personal and professional goals while supporting others in the work you do. 

What do you think is our company's biggest strength that we should be focusing on?

Our ability to create opportunities for the growth of people globally. Once you participate in a British Council program, you are open to a great window of opportunities to learn and grow your skills through connecting with others around the world, sharing different and learning new approaches to what you do.

What three words would you use to describe our BC culture?

My three words would be:

  • Inclusive: The British Council is very sensitive to the unique beliefs and needs of each staff. Being able to function in a setting where people know that they are valued creates greater cohesion. The British Council not only seeks to achieve this in the societies and the people with whom we work but internally among its staff and that I believe is the true essence of leading by the standards we set. 
  • Structured: The British Council operates on established standards and procedures which are observed in the work that is done across all its operations. The colleagues that I interact with across the world utilize the same structures that I use in my daily work and that creates a sense of belonging.  
  • Dynamic: We move across all boundaries and value the uniqueness of all.  

What impact has the British Council had in your career?

 I have been able to utilize my project management skills in the delivery of my day to day job activities at current world class standards. I have also been exposed to working with colleagues in a cross-cultural setting which allows for greater transfer knowledge which contributes to my performance. 

What motivates you to go above and beyond at work?

The British Council is so structured that it creates an environment where I can contribute to development on a national and global scale. An opportunity such as this must be utilized to its utmost best so that the people we serve through our programming across the world will see the difference in their lives and others in their society. The British Council also allows me to work in a setting where I can achieve my personal and professional goals while operating in a happy environment which strongly encourages a balance between personal and professional life. The fact that the British Council invests in me, I believe that I must do my very best to impact both colleagues and the people who benefit from our programmes through the skills and knowledge I acquire. To whom much is given, much is expected.