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Our priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of our candidates and staff members during the development of the IELTS exams. Protecting the health of our test-takers and bringing them closer to better opportunities through our international IELTS exam is our great motivation.

For this reason, we've prepared to comply with all the protocols established by the Governments and health authorities in the region. Now, we're ready for your visit.

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Please, find the latest news on the COVID-19 situation in Jamaica here and receive updates on the evolution of the health situation in Trinidad and Tobago on this page.

Venue Cleaning

Prior the day of the exam, the safety of the venue we'll be guaranteed by taking the following measures: 

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available in various points.
  • A small trash bin will be situated next to the speaking desk to allow the test taker to safely dispose of their individual Task 2 preparation sheet.
  • For the paper-based test and speaking test: Cleaning of facilities will take place prior to the entry of test takers into the test venue and test room. 

Computer-delivered testing

In te case of Computer-delivered testing we will: 

  • Cleaning will take place before each test sitting, prior to test taker entry into the test venue and test room. This will include the cleaning of computer keyboards and mouses.
  • Headphones will be fitted with disposable covers, and if not available in the venue, headphones will be sanitized after each use.

Social distancing

Test venues will comply with the social distancing rules defined by their local Government and the British Council:

  • There will be social distancing posters/signs in test venues to inform test takers of the different positions at the venue.
  • Washroom breaks will be permitted by respecting social distancing.
  • Test venue staff will wear gloves when handling, opening and disposing of packages that arrive at the test venue.
  • Disinfectant will be used to clean the external surfaces, paper bags and shrink wrap of packages.
  • Centres will have feet signs on the ground to maintain social distancing between test takers when queueing.
  • Test centre staff will wear visors when in direct contact with test takers.
  • Test centres will have plexiglass partitions on the registration desk to divide test day staff and test takers.

What can you bring on the day of the test

Items allowed during your test day:

  • Personal stationery (pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener). When this is not possible, the centre will make single-use stationery available.
  • Water in clear transparent bottle
  • Hand gloves
  • Face mask
  • Hand sanitizers in clear plastic bottles (the hand sanitizer liquid/gel can be coloured, but must be transparent) 

Measures taken during test day

 During the test day the following measures will be taken as part of Invigilators responsibilities:

  • Our staff will be wearing a mask and gloves at all times and replacing them as required.
  • It's her/his duty to maintaining social and safe distancing all the time as well as escorting the test takers to their seat.
  • Our staff will ensure the waiting area doesn’t go beyond the maximum capacity.
  • They will not hand in papers directly.

Any Health and Safety, specifically Covid-19 related incidents, will be reported to the Test Centre Manager by our invigilators.

Cloakroom preparation

Test centers will continue to use a tagging system to store and protect test-takers’ personal belongings:

  • Test centers will provide test takers with single-use, large plastic bags to place their personal belongings. These bags will be closed and labelled without test centre staff directly touching the belongings.
  • Test venue staff will wear gloves when handling, opening and disposing of packages that arrive at the test venue.

Temperature check and self-declaration health form

A temperature check will be performed on all test venue staff and examiners on test day and all thermometers will be no-contact models. Also, a temperature check will be performed on each test taker just prior to each test session.

Temperature check will either be at the entrance of the building or venue. If any test taker has flu-like symptoms and/or fever (↑37.5°C) they will not be allowed to enter the premises. 

Invigilators will check the temperature of test-takers with their arm fully elongated while wearing gloves and a mask when performing these actions.

Registration process

During registration process Test takers must sanitize their hands; and test venue staff will wear gloves when handling the attendance register. The finger scanning will proceed as normal and will be cleaned after each use with an alcohol pad.

Invigilators will ask test-takers to show their ‘open’ ID as they approach their testing desk.

The mask worn by the test taker must be removed during the identity check and IAM photo capture for the IELTS test. Test takers’ masks must be turned inside out for inspection. 

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