Museu do Amanhã, Porto Maravilha, Rio de Janeiro

Save, restore, educate, document.
How about, engage, activate, rehabilitate, dialogue, revitalize, include and transform?
Museums recycle their role in society without being absent from their place of conservation and reinterpretation of the collections in their care. They go much further and become essential assets in the most urgent contemporary causes of humanity.

To take up this new place, museums need to be deeply connected to their public with efficient
 management able to create sustainable brands and identities tune with the experience they provide. What current leaders and future think about "what it does today, and what will serve the museum in the future"? As public policy, financial sustainability and
 strengthening of networks will help them get there?

The central theme of the conference challenges the role that museums can play in society, inspiring a broad discussion
 on the commitment of museums for a real engagement with contemporary social issues. Other topics covered focus on the catalysts functions of a greater impact of the museum, from the most important areas of cooperation between the UK and Brazil.

  • Museums and Social Activism
  • Public Policy for Museums
  • public engagement
  • Branding, Innovation and Digital Media
  • Financial sustainability

The British Council supported three Caribbean delegates to attend the Museums: What For? conference which took place in Rio de Janeiro. The three candidates included Dr. Shani Roper, Daniela Fifi and Keomi Serette. Here, Dr. Roper shares her experience at the conference.

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