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Educators do it best

04 November 2015

Over a week and a half ago, school principals were involved in another round of intense coaching/mentoring programme jointly organised by British Council Jamaica and the National College for Educational Leadership; an agency of the Ministry of Education Jamaica. The programme continues to enhance and enrich existing leadership programmes for the provisional and tenured leader.

The programme formally called the Systems and Schools’ Leaders Coaching Programme was designed for building capacity to further develop the education system. By using the skills and experience of a practicing principal to enhance a specific knowledge of another while providing the skills needed to prevent an issue from escalating and provide support critical to increasing performance.

Over the two weeks (October 18-28) over 44 head teachers were trained in the programme and for the first time trained coaches, two levels ahead, were able to formally carry out training of new coaching mentors. Currently, the programme has trained over 60 principals, education officers and regional directors from levels 1 to 4.

One of the coaches trained stated: “More of these activities need to be used in more organisations in this country”