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British Council gathered 21 leading agencies, experts, and professionals for child protection seminar. On September 17, 2015 the British Council team held a workshop/seminar on Child Protection in an Organizational Environment. The Corporate Child Protection team presented its approach to a room of external CSO’s and NGO’s, many that deal with Children on a regular basis. Through this workshop, British Council was able to successfully convey its position, structure, and procedures in the area of Child Protection.

The British Council is committed to safeguarding children and to upholding their rights as upheld in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1989.  As part of that commitment we require that all staff, and those we work with, including partners and suppliers, operate within our Child Protection Policy which articulates our approach to protecting children and promoting their well-being.  British Council Jamaica, in keeping with its current strategy, held a one day workshop at the UWI Mona Visitor’s Lodge on September 17, 2015. In attendance were various representatives from local stake holders external to the British Council. Discussed was a corporate/organizational approach to Child Protection, and British Council’s position in this area. Among the Attendees were: representative from the European Union, the Child Development Agency, Office of the Child Advocate, CISOCA, and Jamaica Society of the Deaf to name but a few.

The seminar addressed key questions such as:

  • What does child protection actually mean?
  • What is child abuse?’, ‘Who is defined as a child?
  • What's British Council strategy?’
  • What happens when we have concerns about child abuse?

The seminar’s main focus was to share information and give some answers to these questions and to dispel some of the myths around child protection work. Additionally, it explained how British Council helps and supports staff in meeting our obligation to duty of care towards all children we engage with. Overall, the seminar was well received by all participants and there was a call for future events of this nature to build upon what was discussed at this event.

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