The British Council in Jamaica is seeking to fill the Project Delivery Consultant position for the project Social enterprise in Schools Jamaica. This project builds on the focus of addressing youth unemployment in Jamaica of which the British Council and the Victoria Mutual Foundation Limited are part. 

The parties will collaborate to jointly fund and implement a range of activities and initiatives designed to develop and embed social enterprise in the school system in Jamaica. 


Location The appointed supplier will be expected to deliver the goods and/or provide services at the British Council offices in 28 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica.
Duration The Contract awarded will be for a duration of 7 months: September 2020 – March 2021 with an option for an extension for up to an additional year depending on the continuation of project.
Closing date Tuesday 22 September 2020

Role overview

These activities will be implemented over a 3 year timescale through sharing of in depth knowledge and expertise between the UK based organizations, the British Council and the Victoria Mutual Foundation among other partners. 

As a sustainable approach, the British Council will lead the implementation of the project with an initial pilot year which will then increase its reach with the VMBS taking over as the implementing partner for the final year of the project and beyond. 

In addition to this, the Ministry of Education will be engaged as a strategic partner to facilitate the implementation of the activities throughout the education system. Further details of the engagement of the Ministry of Education will be established elsewhere.

The Key Objectives of the Project are to ensure that:

  1.  Teachers and/or mentees are equipped and up-skilled to deliver Social Enterprises Pack in Schools;
  2. Develop an adapted Social Enterprise Pack adapted to meet local needs for students;
  3. Students across secondary schools are engaged in Social Enterprise learning. Initially schools will start with a pilot scaling this in successive years.
  4. An increased awareness of Social Enterprises in Secondary Schools by local stakeholders and partners to include policy makers;
  5. New learning methodology facilitated by Social Enterprises in Schools project, adopted as effective bridge between school and the transition into work enhancing and supporting the work already being implemented in this regard, by the Ministry of Education.
  6. Explore the inclusion of Social Enterprise within the national curriculum and endorsement of the approach by the Ministry of Education, where graduates from the programme are exempt from pre apprenticeship and job readiness programmes.

 Overview of Project Activities to be delivered by the Supplier:

The following objectives to be delivered by the Supplier must be delivered in tandem with the targets established in Section 2 based on the outlined project activities by year:

  • The purpose and scope of this RFP and supporting documents is to explain in further detail the requirements of the British Council and the procurement process for submitting a tender proposal.


Outline of Deliverables Dates and Timelines Proposed

Contract Signing and Develop weekly schedule of project activities to be delivered through face to face/virtual project management support. 

September 30th  – March 30th 2021 (monthly)                                                                       

Deliver training workshops in collaboration with Master Trainers (may include some travel to 14 schools island wide)

October 30th 2020

SE in Schools Facilitate Master Training Sessions with Students (may include some travel to 14 schools island wide)

October 30th 2020

Delivery of SE in Schools Annual Summit 

November 30th 2020

Social in Schools Social Enterprise Competition 

November 30th 2020
Develop SE in Schools Reports for respective project steering committees and project Boards September – March 30th 2020 (Monthly)

Implement consultations with Master Trainers and consultants associated with projects, producing a report 

September 30th 2020 – March 2021 (Monthly)

The consultant will be required to meet the following project deliverables: The consultant may be required to execute other sub-activities in line with the stated deliverables and will work through a flexible approach with the project team and stakeholders through a results based approach throughout the agreed dates in September - March 2021.

How to apply

The documents that must be submitted to form your Proposal are listed at Part 2 (Submission Checklist) of Annex 2 (Supplier Proposal) to this RFP (please see Download section). 

All documents required as part of your Proposal should be submitted to by the Response Deadline.

The following requirements should be complied with when summiting your response to this RFP:

  • Please ensure that you send your submission in good time to prevent issues with technology – late tender responses may rejected by the British Council.
  • Do not submit any additional supporting documentation with your RFP response except where specifically requested to do so as part of this RFP. PDF, JPG, PPT, Word and Excel formats can be used for any additional supporting documentation (other formats should not be used without the prior written approval of the British Council).
  • All attachments/supporting documentation should be provided separately to your main tender response and clearly labelled to make it clear as to which part of your tender response it relates.
  • If you submit a generic policy / document you must indicate the page and paragraph reference that is relevant to a particular part of your tender response.
  • Unless otherwise stated as part of this RFP or its Annexes, all tender responses should be in the format of the relevant British Council requirement with your response to that requirement inserted underneath.
  • Where supporting evidence is requested as ‘or equivalent’ you must demonstrate such equivalence as part of your tender response.
  • Any deliberate alteration of a British Council requirement as part of your tender response will invalidate your tender response to that requirement and for evaluation purposes you shall be deemed not to have responded to that particular requirement.
  • Responses should concise, unambiguous, and should directly address the requirement stated.
  • Your tender responses to the tender requirements and pricing will be incorporated into the Contract, as appropriate.

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