25 May, 2014.

Jamaican young people and educators are answering the invitation to join a human rights awareness conversation on social media and the internet. This conversation has been instigated by the Rights Awareness Programme (RAP).

RAP is aimed at raising awareness and increasing advocacy on human rights in Jamaica. The programme is funded by the European Union and implemented jointly by the British Council and Rise Life Management Services.

In just one week since a soft launch on the internet and social media targeted at youth, civil society organisations (CSOs) and educators, RAP has earned 62 likes on Facebook and 30 Twitter followers. Visitors to the RAP website have also contacted the team about their wish to be involved in the programme. At the same time, over 500 educators attending conferences in Montego Bay and Old Harbour have received a RAP introductory flyer.

'Social media and the internet is a key component in our objective to build human rights awareness in Jamaica,' says RAP Project Manager, Rochelle James. 'We all need to live the RAP slogan selected by Jamaican youth: "I have rights, you have rights, let's voice our rights".'

The RAP Jamaica website is focused on human rights education, discussion and information, with links to worldwide issues and conversations on human rights. The RAP mission is to increase the awareness and understanding of human rights, build the capacity of civil society organisations and promote a culture of human rights and democracy across the nation.

About RAP

The Rights Awareness Programme (RAP) is funded by the European Union and jointly implemented by the British Council and RISE Life Management Services. RAP is delivering human rights awareness and advocacy training to over 1,000 youths across Jamaica, building the capacity of civil society organisations and promoting greater awareness of human rights islandwide.

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