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Increase Your Advocacy: NGO Leaders Charged to be More Vocal on Human Rights

“Lift up your pens, raise your voices armed with the required knowledge and skills, and constantly remind the Ministry of Education and it’s stakeholders of the commitment to provide accessible, equitable and quality education.” This was the charge from Dr. Hixwell Douglas, Assistant Chief Education Officer, Special Education in the Ministry of Education at RAP’s seminar Essential Strategies and Tools for NGO Sustainability in 2015 and Beyond.

Dr. Douglas implored non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to “step up their advocacy” for the protection of children’s rights and become, “an even bigger voice in advocating for quality education for children, particularly those with special needs.”

The call for increased human rights advocacy by NGOs and civil society organisations (CSOs) as essential to a strong democracy was reiterated by all speakers.

EU Head of Section, Achim Schaffert said that stronger NGOs and CSOs will increase their capacity to express citizens’ concerns and so engage in participatory democracy.

In supporting this call for increased advocacy, opening presenter, attorney at law and RAP human rights consultant, Harold Malcolm said “human rights defines a minimum standard of decency. These rights”, he said “are inalienable, indivisible and interdependent.”  Like Dr Douglas, Mr Malcolm implored CSOs to increase their advocacy by making human rights a core value of their mission.