The Social Enterprise in Secondary Schools Programme is designed to increase the student’s knowledge of social innovation and entrepreneurship, whilst also developing these core skills for learning, life, and work. As part of the development process, we delivered the Social Enterprise Awareness Day Tour, visiting all six schools to raise awareness about the programme and get the schools more involved. Check out the video and albums from our Facebook page. 

The Social Enterprise in Schools Resource pack has been designed based on 6 core skills, identified by the British Council, which help to address the gap in global skills development and are critical to meeting the needs of students in the 21st century in a globalised economy. In addition, the 6 British Council core skills listed below, on which the social enterprise training is based, the 3-year programme will also include financial literacy as the 7th core skill. The six British Council core skills are:

1. Critical thinking and problem solving

2. Collaboration and Communication

3. Creativity and imagination

4. Citizenship

5. Digital Literacy

6. Student Leadership and personal development

The training will introduce secondary school teachers in grades 7-9 to new social enterprise concepts, approaches, and interactive techniques while helping to develop plans and practical activities for use in the classroom. As a result, students will be encouraged to develop an awareness and understanding of how business can help to address social problems and practical experience in planning and setting up their own social enterprise business.

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