Due to the heightened measures introduced by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago  in response to the coronavirus (Covid-19), the British Council will temporarily suspend scheduled exams for the month of April.

We will closely monitor the situation and provide updates.  Our exams candidates should be aware that other exams sessions can be significantly affected, and exams may be moved to new dates.  If this happens, all candidates will be informed.

Alternatively, please contact us at: deomati.baldeosingh@britishcouncil.org or  jamir.kanhai@britishcouncil.org.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience but the health and well-being of our candidates, exams venue staff and colleagues is our top priority. Please take care and follow the latest advice available from the World Health Organization

The British Council is now offering University of London Examinations – effective June 2017!

The fees depend on the number of exams being written. The exam fees are £54 EACH for 1-2 exams; if students are writing 3 or more exams, the fees are £38 EACH. Students are requested to deposit the equivalent TTD, to Account in name of the British Council, at any branch of Republic Bank Ltd. 

Students will need to fill out the form provided online and provide a copy of this form along with a scanned copy of the bank receipt to the British Council via email to deomati.baldeosingh@britishcouncil.org.tt

The code for registration will then be issued.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly at deomati.baldeosingh@britishcouncil.org.tt or exams@britishcouncil.org.tt should you require any further information.

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