Two women at the document verification service
Document verification service

When applying to a UK university, particularly for distance learning, most applications ask for original versions of your academic documents. We can provide certified copies, which will be accepted by any UK university.

How can I verify my degree certificate?

If you require verification of your educational documents, please visit the British Council office in Trinidad and Tobago.

You will need to present your original degree certificate in English issued by an institution in the United Kingdom or Trinidad and Tobago, and a form of identification.

We will retain a photocopy of your documents and record your name, type of document, date of transaction, and any other relevant details for our records. This will be kept securely and will not be provided to any other parties unless we are legally required to do so.

For bank details and further information please contact

Please ensure that you provide us with the correct certificates and request the correct number of copies as we are unable process refunds for these services.

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