IELTS is an English test developed by some of the world's leading language assessment experts to certify your abilities to study, work, and live in an English-speaking environment.

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More than 12,000 organisations in over 150 countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, trust this English test. So, no matter what your motivation is, the IELTS test guarantees success in the culmination of your studies in the Caribbean region, in the search for a better job or in the beginning of a new life abroad.

The IELTS test is currently the most widely covered international English exam abroad and the most popular in the world for higher education and global migration.

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If you want to move abroad, get your dream job or just improve your English language skills, the IELTS test is a key part in reaching your goals.

So, with this test you can certify your level of English depending on your objectives. You can choose between the IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training versions. If you are interested in moving to the UK, you may need to take IELTS UKVI or IELTS Life Skills.

We offer a wide range of IELTS test dates and locations so you can take your IELTS test whenever and wherever you want.

You can also take IELTS Online (IELTS Academic only, in selected countries) from the comfort of your home or any private space with a stable internet connection.

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When you take your IELTS test with the British Council in the Caribbean, we offer you a wide range of free preparation resources which will support you on your way to reaching your best possible score:

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