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We offer a range of convenient dates at our official British Council test centres for you to take your IELTS test in the Caribbean. You can book your IELTS test with us in Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. 

You can also take IELTS Online (IELTS Academic only, in selected countries) from the comfort of your home or any private space with a stable internet connection.

How much does the IELTS test cost?

Once you click book, select your preferred test format (paper or computer), date and location. The cost of your IELTS test will vary according to the country and the type of exam that you select. 

We recommend that you follow the next steps in order to take your test successfully:

  1. Check the information about the different types of IELTS we offer in order to decide which test you should take.
  2. Book your IELTS test in your selected country (Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Cuba or the Dominican Republic).
  3. Prepare for your test with our free IELTS preparation material.
  4. Check the information about what happens on your IELTS test day.
  5. After you take the test, check the information about your IELTS results.

Important notices: 

► Please remember to always review the booking checklist included on your selected country´s page. There, you will find the list of documents you will need to correctly book your IELTS test and what will happen once you have registered. Please note that you must show the same document you provided on your online booking on your test day.

► Our IELTS tests on paper and computer are taken at our official venues. You can also take the IELTS Online (only IELTS Academic) from home or any other private space with a stable internet connection.

► The selection of your test type and format, and ensuring that you take it on the selected date are solely your resposibility. All test sessions are subject to changes and/or cancellations without previous notice. The British Council will not be responsible for any extra costs you incur to take your test (air tickets, hotel, transportation and/or food).

► The British Council is not responsible for any stage of your application processes or deadlines for which you need to include an IELTS certification. We highly recommend that you book your IELTS test with as much time in advance as possible to avoid any inconveniences. 

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Where can I take the IELTS test in the Caribbean?