Participants from Backstage to the Future: Caribbean
Participants from Backstage to the Future: Caribbean during logistics set up for the green Moon Festival.  ©

British Council

The Backstage to the Future: Caribbean, skills training for live events in San Andres, Colombia programme is designed to develop and nurture future live event producers and technicians across the outdoor/music live events sector in San Andres and Providencia (Colombia), Venezuela, Jamaica and Cuba, with a focus on technical and soft skills (communication/networking) for the performing arts and live events sector. It is intended to foster and strengthen relationships between United Kingdom (‘UK’), Colombia, Jamaica, Venezuela and Cuba by encouraging learning and knowledge transfer between the countries and build links between institutions. 

The objectives of the programme are to develop a technical skills training programme focused on live sound engineering, lighting design & operation, stage management, community arts, and to embed this training with local showcasing during the Green Moon Festival. The programme aims to connect local festivals so that they can have more economic scale opportunities and do more business and to connect and build trust between the Colombian islands of San Andres and Providencia with Venezuelan and Caribbean neighbours plus the UK. The British Council hopes that this will create employment, network and business opportunities and strengthen the islands’ training infrastructure to ensure that training is relevant, high quality, and informed by the UK and international standard best-practice. The long-term aim of the programme is to re-connect the islands of San Andres and Providencia with mainland Colombia and the greater Caribbean through mutual respect and understanding of their culture.

Backstage to the Future: Caribbean training sessions
Live event training session.  ©

British Council

Backstage to the Future: Caribbean Green Moon Festival
The 2017 Green Moon Festival in San Andrés, Colombia.  ©

British Council

Learning Outcomes

  • Improved skills and knowledge: transversal skills knowledge and technical expertise; 
  • Greater confidence and better prepared for work in the cultural sector; 
  • Improved understanding and appreciation of UK and International best practice in cultural skills provision and policy; 
  • New partnerships, relationships and collaborations are developed, extending cultural networks; 
  • Increased engagement with disenfranchised young people; 
  • Increased trust and mutuality. 

 Long-term Aims

  • Individuals and institutions apply new knowledge enhancing the capacity and resilience within their cultural sector; 
  • Institutions and individuals sustain or seek out new international partnerships and collaborations in cultural skills. 

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