Paul Dugdale invitado especial del 38th Havana International Film Festival

Photo: Getty Images

Havana, 9 Dec (ACN) British director Paul Dugdale, the maker of the documentaries about The Rolling Stones’ tour of Latin America and about their historic concert in Cuba, said today in Havana that he would like to have the films shown in national television.

A special guest at the 38th Havana International Film Festival, ongoing in the Caribbean capital until next 18 December, Dugdale expressed his excitement about screening in the island Havana Moon, the film which captures the performance of the English band last 25 March at the Ciudad Deportiva.

In conversation with the ACN, the young filmmaker said that he counts himself a lucky man, having been able to witness and shoot the great show presented here by the band—now well into its fifties—and he pointed out that the most important thing was the generational diversity in the audience who turned up to see the legendary Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood.

“I was surprised to see the difference in age of the Cuban fans, some very young and others much older, who said they had never imagined being at a Rolling Stones concert in the island; we purposefully included that during the making, we wanted to show the diversity of the audience as an additional value of the film”, said Dugdale.
“Havana Moon is, above all, a film which captures the connection between the band and the audience; it was a big responsibility to shoot a historic moment which was a musical landmark for Cubans”, elaborated the director, who has also worked with artists such as the English singer Adele.

“Although I cannot speak for them, I did see during the concert that all the musicians looked like they were having a wonderful time in Havana”, admitted the filmmaker, who attends the celebration of Latin American cinema as a result of the work of British Council, a systematic collaborator of the Havana International Film Festival.
The Rolling Stones: Havana Moon was screened this Thursday at the Yara film theatre in Havana, while Rolling Stones Olé, Olé, Olé!: A Trip Across Latin America will have its premiere tonight at the same venue.