Team and members of The Run Free project, Jamaica

Run Free

Genesis & Inspiration

The Run Free project is the Jamaican extension of the National Theatre of Scotland’s theatre production "JUMP". Run Free fuses physical theatre, storytelling and the movement discipline of Parkour – otherwise known as Free Running – into a devised theatrical production.

Using the grace, flow and style of Parkour, participants explore the challenges and obstacles they face growing up in an age of unprecedented and unpredictable change.

The British Council was introduced to the National Theatre of Scotland's "JUMP" project, and was inspired to establish a similar program in the Caribbean. They engaged Manifesto Jamaica to make it happen. After a 10 day pilot programme in 2014, we've come a long way.


The primary objectives of the Run Free project are to:

  • Impart the life skills required to navigate the challenges young men face, growing up in an age of unprecedented and unpredictable change.
  • Strengthen and expand the community of Parkour coaches and practitioners in Jamaica.
  • Provide an avenue for reflection, relaxation, education and support to young men who are susceptible to antisocial behavior.
  • Impart leadership, team building and community development skills, through active co-operation in the evolution & implementation of the programme.
Two members of the Run Free Jamaica project doing parkour
Jóvenes practicando Parkour
Rehearsal of the choreography of the group Run Free Jamaica - PROSPECTUS 2016
Black and white photo of one of the members of The Run Free project
Grupo de hombres en clases de Parkour



  • 2 Level 1 Parkour coaches from Jamaica trained and certified.
  • 15 previously ‘detached’ young men now enrolled in an academic/training institution, or employed at least part-time.
  • 50 young Jamaicans given 300+ hours of Parkour coaching, physical theatre training & mentorship.
  • 500 Indirect beneficiaries in the Parade Gardens Community.

Practice Makes Perfect

Team Run Free has an opportunity to travel to Glasgow to perform at the Home Away Festival, hosted by the National Theatre of Scotland in October 2016.

To get there, we will need to hit the ground running [pun intended :] with a consistent and intensive rehearsal schedule until September. We hope to stage the show for a Jamaican audience in August, before travelling to Glasgow.


Participants in the Run Free project are young men, ages 15 to 21, from Parade Gardens in central Kingston.

The project is conceptualized, financed and implemented through collaboration between the British Council, National Theatre of Scotland and Manifesto Jamaica.

Glasgow Parkour Coaching, the Jamaica Defence Force, Articulet Edutainment, Runnurs United Jamaica, Joeka Productions and Life Yard provide training, mentorship & logistics support.