Student prepares for his IELTS writing test with our IELTS videos

Preparing for the IELTS Writing section involves understanding the format, tasks and learning about how to best approach them. Read our tips, watch the videos and familiarise yourself with the IELTS Writing test format.

IELTS Writing: test format

Test IELTS Academic IELTS General Training
Task 1
  • You must explain, summarise, interpret or describe a graph or table.
  • The text must contain at least 150 words.
  • Timing: 20 minutes.
  • You will be tested on your ability to identify key features of the graph or table and provide detailed information.
  • You have to write a letter of at least 150 words.
  • Timing: 20 minutes.
  • You are tested on your ability to explain the reason for the letter, to consider the instructions given and to use an appropriate tone.
Task 2
  • Write an essay about a specific topic.
  • The text must contain at least 250 words.
  • Timing: 40 minutes.
  • You will be assessed on your ability to express an opinion on a topic and argue with the help of examples, data or evidence.

IELTS Writing: videos, tips and assesment criteria

In this section you will see our four videos about IELTS Writing, we will explain the assesment criteria of this IELTS test component and we will share some tips to help you improve your vocabulary, grammar, task response/achievement, coherence and cohesion.

Coherence and cohesion

This section asseses the flow of your writing and how you connect ideas. Some factors that help you to get a better score are:

  • connecting information and ideas logically
  • presenting a clear central topic within each paragraph
  • using cohesive devices
  • using paragraphing

Check out our video and improve your coherence and cohesion


This criteria focuses on the range and accuracy of the vocabulary used on your writing. Some things to do to get a higher score are:

  • using words fluently and flexibly to convey precise meanings
  • using uncommon lexical items E.g. words, phrases or phrasal verbs
  • being accurate on choice words and collocations

Check out our video and improve your vocabulary

Task response/Task achievement

This criteria asseses the degree to which the exam question has been answered properly. Some key factors to get a good score are:

Writing task 1

  • covering the requirements of the task
  • highlighting key features/bullet points
  • presenting an overview with appropriately selected information (Academic)
  • presenting a clear purpose (General Training)

Writing task 2

  • addressing all parts of the task
  • presenting a developed response to the question
  • presenting a clear position
  • presenting relevant main ideas

Check out our video and improve your task response/achievement


This section looks at the range and accuracy of the grammar demonstrated by the test taker. Some steps to follow in order to get a good score are:

  • writing error-free sentences
  • having a good control of grammar and punctuation
  • using a mix of simple and complex sentence forms

Check out our video and improve your grammar

Follow these tips and practise with our free IELTS practice tests to improve your IELTS score.

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